Arizona Womens Soccer League

Arizona Women's Soccer League: Information

What are the divisions?

We have 2 divisions: B and C.
B division typically is competitive, with good ball skills and/or team skills.
C division typically is a mixture of competitive levels with ball skills.

When is the season and how much does it cost?

FULL SEASON (First and Second halves):
Our season runs 16 weeks, 8 weeks starting in October and running through December of this year (2019) and an additional 8 weeks between January 2019 and March 2019. The league fees for the 16 weeks is $120.

At this time there is no 1st half sign up. Based on expection we will pro-rate and give refunds.

SECOND HALF (Jan-Mar 2019 ONLY $70):
There are second half fees for those that don't play until the second half of the season.

Game Information

The league starts in October 2018 and requires a pass to play. If you choose to play in our league, you will be placed on a pick-up list for the division you choose. A team representative will contact you with the necessary information for their team and will help you get registered. Until a team representative contacts you, there are no other registration steps. Practices and uniforms are all at the discretion of each team.

Games are played on Sundays. The first game is played at 9 am and the last game starts at 3 pm. We play two 45 minute halves and have 3 referees officiating the games (1 center and 2 linesmen).

Where do I start?

How do I find a team and get registered?
First, we add your name to a pick-up list. Your information will be sent to all team representatives, who will then, in turn contact you for further registration instructions once you are on a team. Please e-mail the following information to Kim,
- Name
- Age
- E-Mail Address
- Phone Number
- Division Requested
- Position Requesting
- Brief Soccer History

Can I start filling out paperwork and get ready?
Yes, once selected for a team, your team rep will need to get you registered. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN ANYTHING - NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO REGISTRATIONS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH A TEAM!

Is there a real person I can call and talk to? Yes, you can call or e-mail any of the following people:

President: Jennifer Trainor - 602.499.8789

Vice President (Fields): Tina Palley - 602.818.9851

Vice President (Schedules): Kelly Buckley - 602.309.1253

Registrar: Ronda Flynn - 602.471.7956

Website Admin: Sarah Salas - 480.620.1536